It'sMyB, Inc., home of It'sMyBag, is a Developing Brand of Green~Sustainable, reusable products and practices; designed to reduce/eliminate "Pesky Plastic" items.

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It's Here! It's My B - gives back... 

 "Together We Can Change the World/One Reusable Bag at a Time"

April 2014
Launch It's My B-Gives Back
Benefiting not-for-profit for April, 2014 "Pre-sales" is www.HicksvilleCrusaders.com

This is personal to us at IMB because of  being part of this organization from inception; I got the courage to "go-forward" with the dream of:
"Changing the World/One Reusable at a Time"!

After this the "cause" chosen by IMB-gb will have a more national/global appeal with options to "do-good" locally.
*As our "Thank-you" all confirmed "pre-orders" will be automatically entered into a Raffle *prizes to be announced later in April, 2014; as well as part of our "It's My B-credit program...

*Drawing will held in May, 2014 and the "winner(s)" will announced by email to all participants...

*Bulk-group-Buy purchasers will be listed as sponsors for this promotional campaign.

Briefly on It's My B,Inc.

Like all journeys, ours began with one step/goal… “To Reduce Throw-Aways, One Reusable at a Time”!!

Our founder frustrated with the lack of “reusable alternatives to traditional throw away dry cleaner bags; decided something had to be done. From her experience as a nurse she learned two important life lessons:
  1. How to gently guide others from a non-productive behavior to a better more purposeful one.
  2. "Not to mix dirties with cleans".
These principles were then applied to our launch product It’s My Bag. Designed for dry cleaning to save on single use plastic bags to help avoid landfill clutter. It is the most unique product of its kind.

Now that It's My Bag, has taken on a life of its own by virtue of design and experience, growing into a product that works equally well for a variety of usages (i.e. dry cleaning, general clothing transport, garment storage, etc.). Being used & reused time and time again…

It’s time to introduce the next generation of It’s My B, Reusables and show how:

“Easy it is to “B” Green ~ Sustainable”

"Our family's It's My Bag(s) have served a variety of purposes in our daily lives for years. However, upon becoming temporarily displaced due the Super Storm Sandy we realized for us, it became the "go-to-accessary" for our hanging clothes while we were going from hotel to hotel, until the light in our home returned.

The Sarle Family ~ Huntington, New York -IMB- ~ users/reusers ~ since winter 2010

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