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We at It's My B, Inc home of It's My Bag are "thrilled" to report that our very successful "Beta-Testing" run has concluded and as planned; the next phase is set to begin...

Going forward orders will be taken on a wholesale basis to the appropriate Distributor/Supplier (American or Internationally based) that best matches yours and you company's needs.

Any product sold here will be upon availability of "over-stock" etc...
*In Progress is a "Group-Buy" of the traditional open-bottom type bag & our Travel/Security Design... *Time & Supply Limited

Please call # 877-4-ItsMyB (877-448-7692), or click here to fill out form
*Group-Buy-Min. Order 50pcs (1case)
*Ask about our bus/org promotional options
*Special instructions
"It's Easy to "B" Green"
*Raffle Drawing date TBA

American made pre-sale
"Pre-Order" USA-Made Travel/Security Bag
*Special details
Expected Delivery Mid-May 2014
*Raffle drawing date TBA


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